What makes us different?

Unlike ministries that organize a crisis response to a housing emergency, Partners in Hope helps families by working to improve their living conditions, walking with them through a season of life, and empowering them to transform over time. We connect families to community support and resources through relationships with volunteers, while providing donors with an avenue to impact their community in a meaningful way.

Our vision is that the Lake Travis community is empowered to work together to eliminate hopelessness and isolation.

Our Five Core Values

Community — neighbors reaching out to neighbors. We desire to build relationships within the Lake Travis community so that everyone knows they can make a valuable contribution.
Compassion — growing a heart to serve.  We do not serve out of arrogance, pride, or conditional response. We serve others with compassion, sensing their struggle so we can give comfort. We serve with care, wanting the best for others and making the effort to know and understand each individual.
Connection — connecting the need to the resource.  We strive to know the unique needs of each family we serve. We offer the best help when we connect the unique gifts, talents, and resources of people in the community to the specific needs of others.
Commitment — here for a longer season. We are not engaging in one-time projects, but rather making a commitment to walk with a family and help them reach goals over a minimum of 12-24 months.
Christ-Centered — Jesus is the ultimate example of loving your neighbor. He modeled service and other-centeredness. As we follow His example and trust in His power, we bring the greatest resource to others while deepening our own relationship with God.

"Let's not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions."   1 John 3:18